Rules to take good care of your end grain cutting board:

1 – do not leave the board wet or immersed in water for a long time;

2 – never wash your board in dishwashers;

3 – never take your board to an oven, be it microwave, electric or gas;

4 – avoid leaving the board close to very hot places for a long time, or use it as a support for hot objetcts, as it may dry it, generating cracks;

5 – at least once a month maintain your board with mineral oil to fill your pores and avoid dryness;

5.1 – mineral oil is easily found in pharmacies;

5.2 – apply a small amount on the board, spreading with a cloth or with one's own hand;

5.3 – allow it to absorb the oil for five or six hours and repeat the operation;

6 - After applying the pure mineral oil, the board will be even better with the application of a mixture of four parts of mineral oil and a part of beeswax;

6.1 - heat this mixture in the microwave or in the water bath (bain-marie);

6.2 - apply to the board with a small cloth;

6.3 - leave for a few hours and then wipe excess wax with a cloth or paper towel;

7 - do not use edible oils to treat the board, such as olive oil, soybean oil, etc., because over time they become bitter and pass that taste on to food;

8 - it is important to treat all sides of the board, since the treatment of only one side can cause it to be frayed.